‘Upskilling always’ is the new normal.
Constant upskilling is the new normal for anyone hoping to stay relevant in an increasingly mechanised world.
To stay relevant in the Fourth Industrial Revolution you need to keep yourself at the growing edge of your career without breaking the bank.
A recent survey of 951 employers found 77% are more likely to shortlist a qualified candidate who upskills regularly.
Taking on a project outside your usual remit is a great way to develop new competencies. If working on a project with people from other teams, you’ll also hone important collaboration and problem-solving skills.
A recent survey revealed 75% of professionals view on-the-job stretch opportunities as the most effective method of upskilling.
To find an opportunity, start a conversation with your boss. Often managers are the key to having your name put forward to be part of an internal project. Alternatively, be proactive and identify an area where your company could benefit from focused attention and what you could do to contribute.
Make sure you think through how working on a stretch project will impact your current workload before approaching your boss.
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