Daryl Keeley started MACRO Recruitment in 1991. His purpose was and still is, to help businesses grow by ensuring that they hire and keep the best staff available.
In doing so, he identified a need for better recruitment software tools to support efficient high quality hiring. This gave rise to Perform Zone’s recruitment software tools.
As both businesses grew, it became clear that leadership skills to motivate skilled workers was generally lacking in Australia. Most managers were not groomed as leaders nor provided with ongoing support and training. Mr Keeley embarked on over 10 years research and training on best practice leadership in business. The research still continues to this day. This gave rise to Perform Zone’s leadership training arm, where employers send their leadership team to hone their skills.

Daryl Keeley has recruited over 8,500 staff, presented over 100 workshops on behavioural profiling and leadership, trained over 200 recruiters, interviewed over 50 of the world’s highest profiled business thought leaders, developed one of the world’s most successful processes for recruiting staff, and guides the direction of a global recruitment software company that empowers recruitment agencies and employers to locate hire the best staff available.

More importantly, Daryl provides education and tools to help businesses thrive through better hiring and staff management. His leadership workshops are sold out within two days and very well received. These courses will be available online soon.

Daryl lives in Melbourne. His better half is Suzy Wiegard. Between them both, they spend most of their free time exploring, learning, a variety of hobbies and enjoying time with family and friends.