‘Upskilling always’ is the new normal.
Check out free self-learning modules offered by your employer. These courses generally reflect the skills an organisation wants its workforce to develop so acquiring skills and knowledge this way is not only free but also could raise your standing at work.
Peer-to-peer learning is a hot trend too. Ask a colleague to teach you a skill you want to acquire or set up a study group with colleagues. Peer-group learning sessions allow employees to learn from each other and explore relevant issues together, which can boost the learning process.
If you can generate enough interest amongst colleagues you could also suggest to your manager that a learning session be organised featuring a senior member of staff or that an industry leader be invited in for a lunchtime talk.
Constant upskilling is the new normal for anyone hoping to stay relevant in an increasingly mechanised world. A recent survey of 951 employers found 77% are more likely to shortlist a qualified candidate who upskills regularly.
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