Employers place great value on talent who drive their own learning agenda.
Given that new technologies are continuously changing the way industries operate, companies need to do more than invest in the training of their existing workforce to stay on top of emerging trends. They need to hire in talent with an ‘always learning’ mindset.
It’s tricky stuff. On the one hand, for the employee it’s certainly cheaper for your employer to pay for your training and education but on the other, employers often look to their go-getters to act as bellwethers of what skills are needed in their sector.
A survey of 951 employers found 77% are more likely to shortlist a qualified candidate who upskills regularly. Staying at your learning edge also makes you a more likely prospect for promotion too.
Besides, knowledge is power. Gain the knowledge needed to keep your organisation or potential employer competitive and you also gain power.
That doesn’t mean you can’t rely on an employer to pay for anything but it’s one of those ‘chicken-egg’ situations – companies are more likely to back an employee who demonstrates how they already back themselves. Being proactive about upskilling is a clear demonstration that you do indeed back yourself.
However, gaining relevant knowledge is only half of the challenge. The other half is promoting what you know and building a personal brand as a constant learner.