“You, you’re 2 weeks behind on your schedule. What is wrong with you? Are you incompetent or just lazy? “This project is vital to the company and you’re holding it up. I am sick of hearing your excuses . Listen to me, this is what you’re going to do…” boomed his boss.
Alex was paralysed with fear. Then, as quick as the attack had been launched, it was over. His boss had left.
As the dust settled his co-workers came out of hiding speechless.
Alex had just experienced being managed by what could be best described as “the tank” style.

Three things you should NOT do when attacked by a tank
1. Counterattack
2. Defend
3. Withdraw / shut down
You might win the battle, but next day the Tank will return with an alliance against you.
The tank was no interest in hearing your excuses, they don’t solve the problem.
Showing fear may inspire the Tank to show no mercy.

3 better options
“I understand that you think the project should be finished by now. From what I can see, the time I am investing now will save time and money in the future.”

“I hear that you have a problem with the way this project is being done. But I am not willing to discuss it, if this is how you are going to talk to me. When you are ready to speak to me with respect, I will take all the time you want to discuss this.”

“I understand that our service hasn’t satisfied you. Your satisfaction is our goal. So that I may help you quickly, I’ll need some more information, and you can help me to help you by answering a few questions.” http://ow.ly/i/KJlhj