When it comes to business performance,
research shows that diversity improves
results, including by having more foreigners
on the board and in senior management.
Companies with teams with a wide range
of ages and origins make better business
decisions up to 87% of the time — and
twice as fast with half of the meetings.
The decisions of a diverse team yield 60%
better results: these are not only figures and
statistics it is what we see in action in the
corporate world.
“While it is hard to change how our brains
are wired, it’s possible to change the context
of decisions by architecting the composition
of decision-making teams for more diverse
perspectives,” Francesca Gino, a professor
of business administration at Harvard
Business School. “Increasing awareness of inclusive decision making can help fight the
perils of conformity and spark an ongoing
organizational conversation that keeps
diversity top of mind.”
Decision making is important as there is
a 95% correlation between firms that are
good at making and executing decisions
and better financial results, such as faster
revenue growth. Among the public listed
companies, those with the most diversity
in their senior management are 35% more
likely to outperform the industry financially http://ow.ly/i/JzGKu