n corporate leadership, age diversity can
improve competitiveness.
The proliferation of technology from
advanced analytics to artificial intelligence,
the internet of things and robotics, is having
a profound impact on how business is done,
sometimes in unexpected ways. If a firm
has minds of all ages in its boardroom or
the C-suite, this can make it easier to steer
through the disruption, even become a
disruptive force in their industry.
The digital technologies bring new challenges
and opportunities and put additional
emphasis on the importance for companies to
be able to understand customers and respond
quickly to their shifting desires.
This is where the composition of a company’s
leadership can make a difference. We
observe that the most successful companies
tend to be the most diverse in their
leadership, from gender to race — and age.
When we ask our clients, which is for them
the most important ingredient after gender to
foster a mix a thought, roughly 90% of them
say age diversity.
Despite this insight this mix has yet to really
come about, at least in the U.S. as S&P 500
boardrooms have more directors aged 75 or
older than 50 or under. http://ow.ly/i/JzHvF