Evening workshop that will improve your ability to #inspire different personality types.
Starts 5pm Thursday 15th #November
#Hawthorn #Victoria #Australia
Register at http://ow.ly/jvOB30kSn6h
Learn how successfully pitch to different #personality types
Reduce the stress associated with working with #difficultpeople
Increase #teamwork
Register at http://ow.ly/jvOB30kSn6h
Having challenges talking with people?
Everyone has a natural communication style, ranging in diversity from the person who wants to control the conversation, to the person who sits backs evaluating.
This workshop unleashes powerful catalysts designed to create effective team communication.
Practical tools designed to outline methods for adapting your style to others, causing more effective communication between you and others.
Increase your one-on-one #communication effectiveness with peers, subordinates, clients and friends.
Use a simple approach to define and identify the four different #DISC communication styles – #Drive, #Influence, Steadiness and Compliance.
Determine your natural style, learn clues for reading other people’s styles and apply methods for interacting more effectively with communication styles that aren’t the same as yours.
Ideal for leaders, facilitators, consultants and representatives of every type of organisation seeking to enhance their productivity and effectiveness in all areas through improving their communication ability. http://ow.ly/i/J3r79