Let me tell you a little bit about why we started running our leadership workshops.

For the almost 30 years I have been supplying staff to Australian employers.

The skills sets are diverse as top secret cleared cyber security experts, to wildlife herders chasing camels away from outback airports, to executive’s, tradies, sales professionals, accountants and Admin staff. You name it; we’ve most likely provided them.

No matter what the skill set, regardless of how skilled the employee, what background they came from, how smart they are, how great their work ethic is, or what their past production history was – there was one factor that dictated how successful they were.

And it was largely out of our control as recruiters.

It was how well the team worked together.

What we saw was that putting a high producer into a team does not necessarily guarantee its success.

So we designed a series of workshops that aimed at creating better functioning teams.

These workshops take the existing team members and teach them the skills needed to able to get the best out of those around them. This includes their managers.



What we found was once a team started to understand better the personality types around them; they naturally started to better appreciate their team members.
Barriers were broken down and the workplace became not only more productive, but also a more respectful and fun place to work.

Staff turnover dropped.

Their customer’s attitudes improved.

Leaders and business owners started to become less stressed.

These workshops are a window for understanding on how to better inspire others.
I love running them.
I literally feel the penny drop for attendees as they hit Ah ha moments through these workshops.

So come join me for our next workshop, and let’s create extraordinary businesses together

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