Save time creating Job descriptions by following our Best Practice template.
See how your template compares.

A good job description performs a number of important functions:

  • It speeds up the recruitment process
  • It ensures you’re hiring the best candidate in the market
  • It assists in determining the correct remuneration level
  • It forms the basis for the employment contract; and
  • It is a valuable performance management tool

Unfortunately most hiring managers are either too busy to create one or create a vague one that is next to useless. This ends up creates a lot of unnecessary work and re-work as unstated expectations are not met.

So we’ve made it easy by creating a free template based on best practice for you.

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This job description is based on the industries best practice and is used by most of the fortune 500 companies in Australia.  There are no strings attached – we simply want to see businesses growing.

You may already have your own template in house (great!) and wish to see how you’re stacks up.

Here’s some quick do’s and don’ts of job descriptions…

Don’t assume that your business does not need them
You may know the role inside out, but do the people involved in searching and screening have the same level of understanding?  When you interview someone, they are usually stressed and forget or miss-hear at least half of what you said. A good job description puts it in writing – i.e. fewer misunderstandings latter.

Don’t use an old job description
Job descriptions change as businesses grow. Technology changes, new ways of doing things are absorbed and old less efficient ways are deprecated.
It is highly likely what you had on file last year, is not exactly what you’ll need this year for the same role.

Do make the role fillable
Sure, write the job description to suit the ideal person, but recognise that this is the IDEAL person. That person may not exist – or may not be available in the timeframe that you need. Accept that you’re seeking the person that is the closest match to the ideal.