Your behavioural profile is your ingrained habits that you have created over the course of your life. There is no right or wrong behavioural profile.

Here are some words that describe behavioural profiles.

Career choices

As you can see some career paths lead themselves to particular behavioural profiles.

In an Accountant, you’d like to see a high degree of compliance or attention to detail (Compliance). Help desk person, you’d like to see someone who can logically work through a problem without stressing the other person out (the Helper).

Hiring Staff

We use behavioural profile screening at MACRO very heavily. It’s one of the four screening steps we go through in when choosing staff for our clients.

You could imagine if you were a fast paced people person (influencer) that you’d love to multitask, looking good would be important to you and you’d be the life of the party. Making you do a highly detailed orientated job, you could do it, but it would not be a job you’d be excited about. In fact you’d probably get stressed having to adapt from your comfort zone of habits into those appropriate for the job.

Managing staff


Have ever watched the sitcom the “Odd Couple”? Here we have a high attention to detail person (Compliant) living with an Influencer. The show is funny because of the range of misunderstandings that rise between the couple. Each has their own expectation on how they expect things to de done, how ideas are communicated, and how their environment should be. Neither is wrong, they are just different from each other’s. The moral is that combining two different profiles, a better solution is found.

Armed with an understanding of their own behavioural profile and the team members, a manager can modify their management style to gain the best out of their team members. They can also build more functional teams.

Like to know more?

If you’re interested in knowing more about behavioural profiles, you can:

A) Sit MACRO free Behavioural profile questionnaire. This will send you summary of your DISC behavioural profile. You could also get your staff to sit this.

B) Come along to Perform Zone’s next evening workshop on behavioural profiles.