Working with smelly co-workers has been listed in the top 3 most annoying co-worker traits from a recent Google Survey.

Giving feedback can be very embarrassing.
Most of us avoid it or deliver it in clumsy manner.
Good feedback is essential to improvement.
Without it you’ll never know what is stopping you’re your career.

If you had a booger on your nose wouldn’t you like someone to tell you?

MACRO Recruitment trains managers on how to deliver effective feedback.
This is part of their Coaching for Performance workshop series.

The formula for giving feedback is simple,

1.     Set the stage (find a private spot and suitable time)

2.     Motive (make sure that your motive is to help them – not pick on them)

3.     Behaviour noticed (what did you see)

4.     Impact (how does it stop them from reaching their goals)

5.     Ask for their perception (expect excuses, just listen)

6.     Action plan agreed

Here’s one way to give feedback on that smelly person…

Set stage: “When you have two minutes I need to talk to you.”

Motive: “I know that this is very awkward, but I’d much rather you hear it from me than someone else.”

Behaviour: “I’ve noticed you have an odour.”

Impact: “We work in a small environment. I never want someone not want to work with you because of this.

Their perception: “What are your thoughts on this?”

Agree on a plan:  “…ok let’s give that a try. I’ll let you know if I see it become a problem again”

Feedback works best when delivered as close to you noticing the event as possible.

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